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For most of us, being healthy is an important part of living the life you want. If you are like many people living now in North America, you may be struggling with how to achieve and maintain a weight that lets you be as healthy as you want to be.

The reasons for weight gain are complicated - causes can be genetic, medical, cultural, social, or any combination of these. This is why quick fixes and fad diets are largely empty promises - if it was really that easy, none of us would struggle!

KetogenX™ is a professional weight management program that is designed to provide simple, sound principles to help you achieve and maintain your personal best weight. KetogenX is designed to be a lifestyle program where you partner with your health care provider. Because being overweight is a condition that impacts your health and quality of life, working with your doctor makes sense. This program brings together sensible products and a practical eating plan with lifestyle education and medical management to support you in reaching attainable goals.

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